Berlin Environmental Relief Programme II


The Berlin Environmental Relief Programme II (ERP II) aims to provide a contribution to improving the environmental situation in Berlin, to encourage environmentally sustainable growth in the Berlin economy and to achieve a stable and sustainable employment market.

Building on the Environmental Relief Programme (ERP I) which came to an end in 2007, ERP II funds various environmental projects and activities with a particular focus on the connection between environmental protection and technical innovations.

The following areas are eligible for funding through ERP II:


B.&S.U. mbH was commissioned by the Senatsverwaltung für Gesundheit, Umwelt und Verbraucherschutz des Landes Berlin (Berlin Department for Health, Environment and Consumer Protection) to manage ERP II. This means that B.&S.U. mbH is responsible for supporting and guiding applicants, preparing funding decisions and discussing them with the Senate. We are also responsible for assessing the progress of the approved project and verifying the correct use of funds, including on-site inspections, appropriation of payment and final independent audit (first level control). In addition to these tasks, we evaluate the outcomes of the programme, carry out EU reporting and public relations work for the programme.

Here is our brochure of some ERP projects that have already taken place (in German):
10 years Berlin Environmental Relief Programme.pdf

Further information: