e-Tream - e-Learning – Platform for Mobility Management and Alternative Fuels

Projektentwicklung Öffentlichkeitsarbeit

The aim of the e-TREAM project that was funded under the Intelligent Energy Europe funding programme under STEER from the European Commission was, together with 17 partners from nine European countries, to reduce energy consumption in transportation and alternative fuels and switch to the environmental modes of transport (bus, train, bicycle, walk).


To achieve these goals, a training and education programme for energy agencies and other stakeholders in the area of mobility in the form of an e-learning platform that was developed and implemented. The training modules offered on the e-learning platform were based on the results of previous STEER projects; COMPETENCE, e-Atomium and TREATISE. On the basis of demand analysis, the training sessions were adapted for specific target groups and revised to meet the specific requirements in the field of e-learning. Energy agencies and other stakeholders can use the training modules to expand their knowledge in the area of mobility and develop and provide new services in their regions.

B.&S.U. mbH was responsible for writing the application, the coordination and implementation of the project and, in addition to the content of the project, also carried out a substantial amount of PR work.

Contact:  theinel@bsu-berlin.de