B.&S.U. Beratungs- und Service-Gesellschaft Umwelt mbH supports climate-conscious municipalities to join the

Covenant of Mayors and to achieve ambitious targets to reduce CO2 emissions.

The climate cannot be protected without the assistance of active municipalities. Cities and towns have recognised their key role in mitigating climate change and would like to lead by example with the implementation of local sustainable energy policies.

Two years ago, the European Commission launched the “Covenant of Mayors” initiative under the heading “fighting climate change locally”. The aim was to recognise the work carried out by municipalities to mitigate climate change and to encourage public participation.

Signatories to the Covenant of Mayors commit to go beyond current European objectives and cut CO2 emissions by at least 20% by 2020.

A Baseline Emission Inventory provides a foundation for Covenant Signatories to develop a Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP). The SEAP sets out a specific CO2 reduction target by 2020 and defines the strategy and measures that local authorities will undertake to achieve it.

Specifically, Covenant Signatories agree to:


There are now over 2,000 municipalities that have become signatories to the Covenant of Mayors and they make up a large network of mutual support and exchange.

“We receive our motivation to develop sustainable energy policies from other cities across Europe and can, in return, encourage other cities to be active in mitigating climate change,” said one of the German signatory municipalities. “We can make achievements globally through local and community-based solutions as part of the Covenant of Mayors and improve the quality of life of our citizens.”

There are further advantages to joining the Covenant of Mayors:


Twelve partners from eleven European countries have joined the project come2CoM (“come to the Covenant of Mayors”) under the coordination of B.&S.U.mbH.

Funded by the Intelligent Energy – Europe (IEE) programme, come2CoM supports active municipalities that want to reduce their CO2 emissions, to join the Covenant of Mayors and to fulfil the requirements.

“The project “come2CoM” supports the work of the EU Commission and the Covenant of Mayors in the implementation of sustainable energy policies,” explained one of the project partners. “As energy agencies and energy advisory services, we are close to communities in towns and cities. We know their needs and their problems, and we speak their language. The project also enables us to be involved in a close European network and receive first-hand information from Brussels. We would like to support towns and municipalities with these skills to take on a leading role in climate change mitigation and to enable them to implement an intelligent local energy policy.”

As the German project partner, the B.&S.U. Beratungs- und Service-Gesellschaft Umwelt mbH supports municipalities in Germany, in cooperation with the EnergieAgentur.NRW, to:



Our support service is free of charge to municipalities participating in come2CoM.

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The project is partly funded by the EU programme Intelligent Energy Europe.


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