Integrated Communal Climate Protection Concept Emden


Through developing an integrated climate protection concept, the city of Emden has committed itself to make a significant contribution towards meeting the requirements of climate policy in the EU and in Germany. The concept will assist the city to develop a long-term, sustainable strategy in urban energy policy and to implement specific measures in this field, as well as to carry out location marketing and to continue the successful work of the European Energy Award® (eea).

B.&S.U. Beratungs- und Service- Gesellschaft Umwelt mbH created an energy and CO2 balance that can be updated, based on the strengths and weaknesses analysis developed as part of the eea process. The city reduced its per capita CO2 emissions from 12.02 t CO2 in 1990 to 10.23 t CO2 in 2007. On this basis, the city’s potential to reduce CO2 emissions by 88,600 t CO2, equal to 8.42 t CO2 per capita by 2020 was identified and the goals and measures to reduce energy consumption were formulated. The 37 proposed actions include an energy efficiency campaign, the “Emder Modell” funding programme and an increase in the uptake of renewable energy in combination with the successful relocation of both onshore and offshore industry in Emden. In addition, the corresponding investment costs were calculated and the development of energy costs and increase in regional added value were assessed.

The city of Emden has benefitted from the concepts, analyses and framework that were developed and implemented as part of the eea process. The city has gained from significant synergies and cost savings.

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Contact: Mr André Butz