Interregional Network Oder-Partnership

Moderation und Netzwerke

The German-Polish network, the Oder-Partnership began in April 2006 as a cooperation partnership initiative between four West Polish Voivodeships; West Pomerania, Lower Silesia, Lubusz and Greater Poland and four East German Federal States; Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Berlin, Brandenburg and Saxony.

The aim of the network is to create cross-border competitive economic area, which brings together the strengths and the potential of the participating regions and supports and builds on existing cooperation.

Since 2008, B.&S.U. Beratungs- und Service- Gesellschaft Umwelt mbH has been commissioned by the Berlin Senate Department for Economy, Technology and Women to manage the Oder-Partnership network externally and works in cooperation with its partners Infrastruktur & Umwelt and blue! advancing european projects. As part of our tasks, we are responsible for the networking of the German and Polish partners, the involvement of the Berlin organisations and the economic stakeholders in the Oder-Partnership (trainers, associations, administrations) and facilitate and support the initiation of cross-border projects of Berlin business stakeholders and SMEs in the Oder-Partnership.

Managing the network also includes the following responsibilities: