Since 1999, the Twinning-Programme has supported advisory projects for partnerships between administration from the EU Member States and other European countries. At first the programme was under the framework of PHARE in the accession countries in the first and second rounds in Central and Eastern Europe. At the beginning of 2002, the instrument “Twinning” was extended through the programmes CARDS and IPA to include Russia and the former CIS countries (CARDS), the Balkans (IPA) and Turkey (special funding programme).

Since 2007, the Twinning-Programme has been supporting the new European Neighbourhood Policy ENPI and has led to joint projects with experts from the EU Member States and partners from the Middle East and the Mediterranean (Maghreb, Egypt, Israel and Jordan).

As part of the Twinning-Programme, mandated bodies, such as B.&S.U.mbH carry out various services for the Ministries and authorities that participate in Twinning calls for proposals.

The objectives are to adapt and develop administrative structures, legislation and law enforcement in different policy areas and to harmonise (in the case of accession) or converge with EU standards (Acquis Communautaire).

The special feature of Twinning-Projects is the cooperation between an authority from a Member State and the equivalent authority in the candidate country to jointly implement a project that deals with the introduction of specific EU standards or procedures. The experts are usually from public administrations and bring their expertise in addition to their special know-how from their own experience of administration.

Since 1999, B.&S.U. mbH has had the role of a mandated body on behalf of various government Ministries and authorities (German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology,  Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, Federal Ministry of the Interior, Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection) for Twinning-Projects in the EU Accession countries and neighbouring countries. B.&S.U. mbH competently and efficiently supports the German authorities with the project proposal, preparation and administrative implementation.
In the period between 1999-2010, B.&S.U. mbH implemented 48 projects with a total funding amount of 30,8 Million €.

B.&S.U. mbH has supervised projects in the fields of energy policy and climate change, EU Structural Funds, regional policy and economic development, foreign trade, consumer protection, cross-border programmes, EU community programmes, public procurement, public-private partnerships, institutional development, environmental protection, education, innovation, veterinary affairs and food control.

In many projects, B.&S.U. mbH has sent its own experts to advise and provide training in the projects, especially for carrying out training and expert advice on the establishment of administrative infrastructure and to support programmes and activities in information, communication and public relations.

B.&S.U. mbH provides services including compilation and briefing of the project team, preparing application documents, preparing and participating in the presentation of projects, preparing contract documents ready for signature, project and financial management of Twinning and Twinning-Light-Projects. B.&S.U. mbH  also offers the organisation and implementation of study visits and internships, the secondment of employees as short and medium-term experts and the selection of appropriate experts, long-term consultants and project managers from Germany and EU partner institutions.

Project Examples: