Mobility and Transport

Mobility and transport are important parts of today's society. The fierce competition in the market has enabled low prices for mobility and transport, so that most EU citizens are able to meet their mobility requirements. On a regional level, being mobile is important for people to be able to socially and economically active. Although the increase in people travelling and commuting has many positive aspects, it also carries with it a variety of problems. In addition to issues such as security and the reliability of transport systems, energy consumption and CO2-emissions is also of paramount importance. Mobility and transport are responsible for approximately 31 % of energy consumption in the European Union.

Greenhouse gas emissions in the transport sector are growing steadily. This growth is negating energy savings that have been achieved in other energy sectors. This means that mobility and transport will be responsible for more than 60 % of the increase in CO2-emissions within the EU over the period 2005-2020. It is very important to fight against this development and to develop and implement approaches and solutions for sustainable mobility and modes of transport.

B.&S.U. mbH supports the exchange of knowledge and good practice in this area and advises local authorities in developing appropriate management plans.

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