Energy Neighbourhoods

Projektentwicklung Wettbewerbe

The focus of the project "Energy Neighbourhoods" was to actively involve citizens in local actions to achieve climate protection goals. The aim was to carry the central principle of saving CO2 directly into people’s living rooms.

The basic idea and the central instrument of the project was a bet that the city made to a group of its citizens ("Energy Neighbourhood"): if the Energy Neighbourhood succeeded to save ≥ 8 % of energy (heating energy, electricity, hot water) in their households in a period of six months, they would receive a prize from the municipality. In addition, the members of the Energy Neighbourhoods also benefited from their own lower energy bills.

The Neighbourhoods were supported by a so-called “Energy Master”, who provided information on energy and useful tips, and who was available to answer questions on energy saving at home. The “Energy Masters” were selected from the participating teams and received training by the project partners during the project.

Energy Neighbourhoods from nine European countries took up on the bet offered by their city and reduced their energy consumption by more than 8 % in six months. The project was awarded the ManagEnergy Local Energy Action Award in 2010.


B.&S.U. mbH was responsible for the initial application, coordination and the implementation of the project within Germany.