Energy Saving Competition – Energy Trophy®

Projektentwicklung Wettbewerbe

The Energy Trophy® project is an energy-saving competition for office buildings which has been held twice on a European level by B.&S.U. mbH in cooperation with European partners. In 2004, the first round of the competition was launched with 44 companies and administrations in six countries. In 2006 it was followed by the second round of the competition with 150 participants from 17 countries.

The aim of the competition was to save as much energy in one year (electricity and heat) through simple measures; the reduction of energy consumption without spending lots of money, but rather through energy-conscious behaviour, such as switching lights off, turning the heating down or improving the operation of ventilation systems. Small investments, such as purchasing energy-saving light bulbs or extension cables were allowed under the competition. The employees were and are the focus of the competition in the participating buildings; they are the driving force behind the competition, achieving the energy savings and should be motivated in the long term to maintain their energy-efficient behaviour. For this reason, internal information and motivation campaigns are carried out to inform employees about the goals of competition and saving energy.

Energy Trophy

In the first round of the competition 2,300 tons of CO2 and more than 200,000 Euros were saved in energy costs. In the second round, the participants reached an annual saving of 9,000 tonnes of CO2 and 1,4 million Euros, i.e. an average of 11,000 Euros per property per year. Participating companies included the Commerzbank, Dresdner Bank and many other international companies. Generally, it can be seen that the savings in energy costs are far greater than the costs incurred in the implementation of the Energy Trophy ®.

Based on these achievements, B.&S.U. mbH now offers the competition to different target groups, such as public buildings as part of the Energy Cup Hessen and provides the following services as part of implementation: