Evaluation of the Investment Pact to improve the energy efficiency of social infrastructure in municipalities (Evaluation and Centre of Excellence)

Evaluierung Öffentlichkeitsarbeit

The German Federal Government, together with the Federal States and municipalities, is providing financial assistance to improve the energy efficiency of schools, kindergartens, sports facilities and other social infrastructure through the Investment Pact. The Investment Pact enables the Government to tackle urban development, environmental and economic objectives simultaneously:
Promotion of climate change mitigation through energy saving and the reduction of CO2-emissions from existing buildings;

Stabilisation of the construction market to encourage employment in local small and medium companies through mostly regional procurement of small-scale building and renovation measures;
Social investment, in particular in schools, kindergartens, sports and youth facilities,
Reduction of the investment backlog in municipalities with difficult or tight financial situations;
Contribution to educating children and young people about energy saving and climate change from an early age.

The National Contact Point for the programme “Investment Pact for the Energy Efficiency Improvement of Social Infrastructure in Municipalities”, which B.&S.U. mbH manages in cooperation with IfS Institut für Stadtforschung GmbH, was established to be a centre of expertise following on from a comprehensive evaluation of the programme. Its services are available to a broad audience of experts and professionals. Information on the Investment Pact will be made available through publications and on the internet. The National Contact Point is the central point of contact for users and applicants to the funding programme and is available to answer any questions and to exchange experience.

Contact: ulynar@bsu-berlin.de

More information www.investitionspakt.info