European Energy Award (eea)

The European Energy Award (eea) is a proven quality management system and certification procedure and award that was developed on the European level. It currently has more that 1.200 participating municipalities across Europe, with over 300 in Germany.

The aim of eea is to compile, evaluate, plan, manage and regularly review municipalities’ actions to prevent climate change, to be able to identify and use the potential in terms of climate protection, the use of renewable energy and a sustainable reduction in CO2-emissions on the municipal level.

The European Energy Award uses a process based on the standard project management cycle “analyse – plan – implement – check – adapt”, with two additional stages of “certification” and “awarding”.


The municipalities are supported in this process through a comprehensive set of instruments and experienced advisors and auditors.

The eea is managed in Germany by B.&S.U. mbH, who is responsible for the coordination of all eea activities within the Federal Republic of Germany and for training and regular reviews of all advisors and auditors.

B.&S.U. mbH manages the standardised eea process in the Federal Republic of Germany, developed in cooperation with international partners, and represents German interests on the European level.

In Germany, we are the main contact for all regional agencies and offices, advisors and auditors and cities, towns and municipalities.

Project Examples: