Communal Energy and Climate Protection Activities

Municipalities have an important role to play in preventing climate change. On the one hand, they can really take a leading role in reducing energy consumption in their own properties and act as a good example to others. On the other hand, the municipalities are also able, due to their regulatory powers and in their role as a construction contractor, to actively contribute to a reduction in CO2-emissions.

In addition to having positive environmental effects and improving the municipality’s public image, reducing CO2-emissions sustainably can also lighten the municipality’s budget costs.

Thus, for instance by remaining real estate the city of Solingen was able to save around 300,000 € of heating, electricity and water cost in 2009 in comparison to 2006, through the optimisation of facilities, investments in renewable energy, the expansion of the power-heat coupling and though the organisation of trainings.

B.&S.U. mbH has long been aware of the significance of local climate change prevention. Since 2000, the company has been active in the development, implementation and improvement of the European Energy Award, the quality management system and the certification procedure which identifies, evaluates, plans, manages and regularly checks the climate protection activities of the municipalities. The European Energy Award (eea) is officially recognised as an implementation instrument for the setting up and implementation of the Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs) within the framework of the Covenant of Mayors. In addition to the eea, B.&S.U. mbH also offers climate protection concepts and supports the preparation of best practice approaches in the field of local climate change prevention.