Sustainable Urban Development

88 % of Germans und 70 % of Europeans live in urban areas, which give sustainable urban development a particularly significant role. Cities are the most sustainable way of living. If there were no cities, the impact of humans on the environment would be much larger. They are both the "crime scene" for impacts and "stage" for potential conflicts to be played out but also they are also a place that gives a natural rise to problem solving and innovation. Cities offer the possibility to combine both the responsibility and the opportunity to shape future development – through sustainable urban development and urban and environmental policies that are orientated to the future on a local, national and international level. Cities are a driving force behind economic development in Germany, while at the same time posing major environmental and social challenges. It is therefore necessary to take an integrated and sustainable approach to the development of cities to fully exploit the existing potential and look forward to the future.

B.&S.U. mbH supports this integrated approach in their work through a variety of activities in the areas of climate protection, mobility and regional development. A good example of this is the Covenant of Mayors, an alliance of mayors and their cities, which have to reduce CO2-emissions by improving energy efficiency and environmentally friendly energy production and use through the energy policy objectives of the EU. B.&S.U. mbH supports participating cities and stakeholders in the sustainable implementation of the objectives of the Covenant of Mayors within the framework of the eea and international projects.
Essential elements of our work are to link all relevant aspects, to involve and motivate stakeholders and also to provide support to the integration of European and international activities along the lines of the principle “Think global – act local”. The goal of our work is to design environmentally sound activities in local authorities that are both feasible and affordable.